The Web Designer Job Description

The Importance Of Understanding The Web Designer Job Description

There are many web designer job descriptions floating around. Some describe the job as " Graphic Design" others call the person an "Art Director". What I really want to focus on today is understanding the full job description. In order to do this you must first know what these different designations mean.


In order to best describe the job, a Web Designer job description would need to be broken down into several key sections: graphic design experience, then functional experience working with HTML and CSS, then understanding website usability and user experience. A graphic designer does most of the work. They set the image for everything on the site through color and photos. It really is the people behind the images that make the site come to life. Web designers also need to understand how to use all of this information in a way that is most efficient and effective.


Web designers are a crucial part of a business's marketing plan. Understanding how to market your company or products is the responsibility of the designer. This is because the designer must know how to effectively use the information presented on the site in a way that both attracts the right people to the company, but also that the company is reaching the correct target demographic. Therefore, web designer job description should be broken down into four separate but connected sections: graphic design experience, functional experience working with HTML and CSS, understanding website usability and user experience, and understanding the audience and their online habits.


A graphic designer essentially takes images and photos and combines them with text and images in order to present a product to the viewer in a manner which is appealing and informative at the same time. The primary duties of the graphic designer involve creating layouts and images which draw the visitor's eye and at the same time create a proper layout and flow for the information being presented. The information may be presented in a professional manner or in an informal, creative way. A graphic designer will need to be imaginative and versatile in order to meet their client's needs. Although these designers are primarily the artists behind the design of the website, it doesn't mean that they can't have some administrative duties as well.


Functionally, a website involves many elements and it's the job of the web designer to organize everything so that it works in a proper manner. This task usually requires knowledge of HTML and CSS, although one can also hire a firm that specializes in this area in order to ensure that they get it just right. Learning how to use each of these programs and learning about how they interact is a prerequisite for becoming successful in this type of position, thus understanding the web designer salary and responsibilities associated with it are very important.

In the case of companies that specialize in multimedia, it's typical that these individuals would be responsible for graphic design duties and image manipulation. The web designer job description doesn't explicitly state whether these individuals will be working with HTML or CSS, but knowing what each entails is helpful for understanding the responsibilities and duties related to each. In order to get into this profession, the individual will need to earn a bachelor's degree in this particular area and undergo numerous internship and training courses. After completing an education program, these professionals will likely need to take a series of tests and submit multiple portfolios in order to demonstrate their abilities. If they successfully pass the tests and submit the portfolios, they will then be hired on for a trial period and be paid on a freelance basis.


Many individuals are familiar with the graphic design area of website creation and understand that the majority of these jobs focus on establishing an attractive website with relevant content for the business. However, there are also many who are involved with the creation of websites that are truly artistic in nature. These individuals will often be the creative ideas behind the creation of a website. The web designer job description of these individuals will involve the creation of website websites that display original, creative ideas as well as those that are geared towards appealing to the masses. In addition to this, these individuals will need to work within a strict schedule and ensure that the sites are updated on a regular basis.


One of the most important elements of the web designer job description is that of being detail-oriented. No designer would choose a job description that didn't require them to work on a continual basis. In order to produce quality websites, it is necessary to update the files on the website regularly and provide information to visitors in a clear and concise manner. Working in an environment that is highly creative, informative and requires constant interaction is a unique experience that not every designer will want to partake in.

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